The best of the best: introducing Manny’s Heritage Beef™

It’s like no other steak in the world – and it’s ours alone: USDA Certified, 100% genetically verified, Black Angus beef from own herds. They’re sired by our own bull, AMERICAN MADE, and his siblings, who are the progeny of “Lady 890,” the highest rated heifer in the history of the American Angus Association. Naturally robust with perfectly marbled flesh, our steers yield steaks of unparalleled flavor and tenderness. But superior genetics are only half the story of our Bull-to- Table™ beef. Total chain of custody from conception to cooking ensures unmatched quality and consistency – because the animals are raised by ranchers we know and processed at facilities we have personally vetted. We couldn’t be prouder to serve Manny’s Heritage Beef because we firmly believe: you won’t find a better steak anywhere.

Gather privately, dine luxuriously in Manny’s “Hideaway”

Introducing our new first class suite: the Manny’s “Hideaway” private dining room, for groups of up to 14 guests. Designed to offer the ultimate in privacy and comfort, this handsomely designed, lavishly appointed dining environment provides the perfect place to do the deal – or celebrate one. For more information about booking the “Hideaway” (along with its sister dining room, “The Speakeasy,” or the semi-private “Bullpen”), contact us at 612-927- 3299 or visit our private dining page.

New 85-Day Aged Bone-In Ribeye Debuts

“We begin with our most thoroughly marbled cut, then age it nearly three months in a light, temperature and humidity-controlled environment,” says GM Dave Wilson. The 85-Day Aged Bone-In Ribeye isn’t for everyone. “The flavor’s too deep, the minerality too intense, but if you have the palate, get ready for the best steak of your life. This baby cures impotence, triples your lasting power and guarantees you win every bar brawl.”

Downtown Minneapolis' center cut.

Join us at 9th & Marquette in The W Minneapolis The Foshay.

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Beyond the Broiler: Manny's Dinner Specials

Don't order until you've seen Chef Josh Hill's Specials sheet, including:

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